Fellow for Life Dr. Robert L. Satcher, Jr.

Dr. Robert L. Satcher, Jr., a Schweitzer Fellow for Life, was the first orthopedic surgeon to orbit the earth, aboard the space shuttle Atlantis in November 2009. During that voyage to the International Space Station he studied the influence of zero gravity on muscles and bone density, and the effects of space on the immune system. Dr. Satcher also used his surgical training to install an antenna and help repair two robotic arms on the space station.

Of the experience, he says: “As it turns out training as a surgeon is a pretty good preparation I think for going into astronaut training, just simply because you’re used to long hours, you’re used to multitasking, and you’re used to carrying out complex activities under stressful conditions.”

We’re thrilled that Dr. Satcher will be sharing the diversity of his experience as the morning keynote speaker for the Schweitzer Leadership Conference on Nov. 2.

We hope that you will register now and join us for an illuminative exchange of ideas, learning, and networking.

After seven years, Dr. Satcher, left NASA in 2011 and is now assistant professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, his specialties are orthopedics and oncology. Dr. Satcher has extensive experience researching and teaching, and his practice spans the globe with mission trips to Nicaragua, Nigeria, Venezuela and Gabon – where he served he served as a Schweitzer Fellow at The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné.

He describes his time in Lambaréné at The Albert Schweitzer Hospital as having “set the blueprint for service throughout” his career.

In addition to keynote speeches from Dr. Satcher and former U.S. Surgeon General & Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamin, conference topics include:

  • the impact of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act on health equity
  • innovative technology uses to improve health outcomes
  • how race, gender, age, and environment shape health

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to engage with Dr. Satcher. Register here and we’ll see you in November!