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John McDonough pic

John McDonough speaks after accepting the Boston Schweitzer Leadership Award in 2012.

We are now accepting Schweitzer Leadership Award nominations for 2013.

Launched last year, our regional Schweitzer Leadership Awards recognize individuals local to our 13 Schweitzer Fellows program locations whose life examples have significantly mitigated the social determinants of health in their communities, and whose commitments to service have influenced and inspired others.

To submit a nomination, send an e-mail to the Schweitzer program director in your region (click here for contact info) with the subject “Leadership Award Nomination.” In the body of the e-mail, include your contact information, the contact information of your nominee, and an answer to the question:

Why is your nominee an ideal candidate for the Schweitzer Leadership Award? Please describe the ways in which your nominee has mitigated the social determinants of health in his/her community, and the ways in which his/her commitment to service has influenced and inspired others. (Maximum Word Count: 500)

Only individuals who live and/or work in the regions where ASF has program locations (Baltimore, MD; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; Boston/Worcester, MA; Chicago, IL; Columbus/Athens, OH; Greater Philadelphia Area, PA/NJ; Indiana; Los Angeles, CA; New Hampshire/Vermont; New Orleans, LA; North Carolina; and Pittsburgh, PA*) are eligible for nomination and selection.

The award bears the name of Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a pioneering physician-humanitarian who was one of the 20th century’s most admired global citizens.

Last year’s Schweitzer Leadership Award honorees included John McDonough, DPH, MPA (former Massachusetts State Representative and former Executive Director of Health Care for All; now Director of the Center for Public Health Leadership at Harvard School of Public Health), Marjory Pizzuti (President and CEO of Goodwill Columbus, one of the largest nonprofit health and human services organizations in Franklin County, Ohio), and George L. Spaeth, MD (Founder and President of the Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness and Louis J. Esposito Research Professor at the Wills Eye Institute).

Each year, approximately 250 multidisciplinary graduate student Schweitzer Fellows throughout the U.S. partner with community-based organizations to develop and implement yearlong, mentored service projects that sustainably address the social determinants of health (including poverty, the environment, and education). That service experience—coupled with our reflective leadership development programming—equips Fellows with the confidence and skill to address not just the clinical health needs of underserved people, but also the underlying social factors.

The Schweitzer Leadership Award will be presented at each participating Schweitzer location’s Celebration of Service (the event marking the culmination of the Fellowship year).

Exact details will vary by location, but in general, the Award package will include:

  • The opportunity to deliver a brief keynote speech at the Celebration of Service;
  • Special recognition at ASF’s annual national conference (to be held in Boston on Nov. 2-3, 2012).
  • A physical Schweitzer Leadership Award plaque/trophy;
  • A day of service at the recipient’s chosen nonprofit/charity organized by the local 2012-13 class of Schweitzer Fellows; and
  • Coverage across ASF’s communications platforms.

Click here for a full list of 2012 Schweitzer Leadership Award honorees.

*Schweitzer Leadership Award participation may vary by program location. Questions should be directed to local program directors.