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Last month, we brought you an interview with Erin Lutes and Shawna Mitchell-Sisler — two Bay Area Schweitzer Fellows who are working to empower people living with both diabetes and mental illness in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

On Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a front-page story about Lutes, Mitchell, and SF Empower — the program they’ve launched as their Schweitzer project:

“You can’t just tell a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic to organize his blood sugar log,” said Shawna Mitchell Sisler, a registered nurse studying to be a nurse practitioner. Techniques used by patients to monitor their disease, she explained, may not necessarily work for those with severe emotional or mental issues who may be homeless or have addiction problems.

Sisler and fellow nursing graduate student Erin Lutes started a program called SF Empower at Glide Health Services in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood to help patients of the health clinic with both diabetes and mental health issues. The program relies on taking its cues from the patients about what information and support they need.

Read the full article by Victoria Colliver here.