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Over the past two weeks, we’ve rolled out official announcements about the selection of 2011-12 Schweitzer Fellows at many of our program sites. Though there are still more official announcements on their way (about our  Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Lambarene Schweitzer Fellows Programs), here’s a roundup of selection coverage to date. We hope it leaves you as excited as we are about the work these emerging leaders in service will carry out over the coming year — and throughout their lives:

  • “Having four students named a Schweitzer Fellow is an extraordinary commentary on the excellence of students who choose to attend the MGH Institute,” said Alex Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP, Provost and Academic Vice President. “We know they will join past Institute Fellows to make a difference addressing health disparities throughout Greater Boston.”
    MGH Institute News, “Four Named Schweitzer Fellows”
  • “Two students at the University of Pennsylvania have been named among the 15 Philadelphia Schweitzer Fellows for 2011-2012. Schweitzer Fellows partner with community-based organizations to develop and implement year-long mentored service projects that sustainably address the social determinants of health, on top of their regular graduate school responsibilities.”
    University of Pennsylvania Almanac, “Schweitzer Fellows: Penn Students” 
  • “UCSF educates the next generation of leaders in the health sciences,” said Joseph Castro, PhD, vice chancellor of Student Academic Affairs. “The newest group of Schweitzer Fellows representing each of the professional schools at UCSF exemplifies the academic excellence, leadership skills, and passionate commitment to serving others that make us very proud of them and their extraordinary efforts.”
    – UCSF News Center, “Nine UCSF Students Selected for Prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship” 
  • “It’s a great honor for three University of Houston students to receive the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship,” said W. Andrew Achenbaum, a professor in the UH GCSW and a member of the Houston-Galveston Schweitzer Fellows Program Advisory Board. “Albert Schweitzer was a humanitarian and physician who sought to heal and to give hope to those who were the most needy in the world – – children and their families in Africa. His was a life of service, tireless, generous and loving. As a member of this local board, I have been privileged to see extraordinarily talented men and women participate in The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, in addition to their graduate school responsibilities, so that others may have great opportunities.”
    – University of Houston News & Events, “Three UH Students Chosen as Albert Schweitzer Fellows”