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Mentor Puts Student Runners on Healthy Track from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

The above report from Neighborhood Network News (NNN) delivers an inside look at Tufts-Schweitzer Fellow Dan Hatfield’s project — a running program for at-risk 6th-grade boys in East Boston that was featured in the Boston Globe a few weeks back.

As NNN says in their tag, “For students at the Umana Middle School Academy in East Boston, running is a way to prevent obesity, gain self-confidence, and learn about teamwork and leadership. It’s all the result of a year-long mentoring project performed by Dan Hatfield, a marathoner, Tufts graduate student, and Boston Schweitzer Fellow based at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.”

This piece should deliver a nice burst of inspiration, whether you’re lacing up for the Boston Marathon a week from today — or, like Fernando and Joe seven months ago, preparing to run your very first mile.