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Remember Dan Hatfield? He’s the Tufts-Schweitzer Fellow whose running project in East Boston has encouraged a group of at-risk 6th-grade boys to find strength within themselves they didn’t know they had.

Well, today Dan and the boys are the subject of a powerful column by Brian McGrory in the Boston Globe. Some highlights:

They were ready to give up that day, but they didn’t, mostly because Hatfield wouldn’t let them. Ever since, every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30, they run. They run in the school parking lot. They run in an adjacent field. In the snow, they run through the corridors, 12 kids in sweatshirts and khakis giving it all they can.

Within two months, they cut 5 minutes off their average mile. Kids who couldn’t run 200 yards were aiming now for 2 miles. Something had clicked inside their heads: They can do this.

“Beginning of the year, we couldn’t run halfway around,’’ said a boy named Victor. Another named Jose: “It’s amazing.’’

Click here to read the full column. It might just move you to lace up and follow in Victor and Jose’s inspiring footsteps.