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Approximately 750,000 Chicago residents are uninsured — and as a result, they often delay seeking medical attention until their condition forces an emergency room visit.

“These are challenging problems, but thankfully, there is a cadre of creative and dedicated individuals who are trying to help to solve them.”

That’s what Schweitzer Fellow for Life Dr. Rob McKersie says in a new documentary about the Chicago Schweitzer Fellows Program.

Produced thanks to a generous grant from the Michael Reese Health Trust and shot by Two Parrot Productions, the documentary presents an up-close look at the ways five Chicago Schweitzer Fellows from diverse disciplines worked to address unmet health needs and empower vulnerable populations.

From a dance/movement and discussion program for formerly homeless women at Deborah’s Place by Columbia College dance/movement therapy and counseling student Sara R. Van Koningsveld, to a cancer prevention program for uninsured patients at CommunityHealth by UIC nursing student Michelle Ashley, the footage speaks for itself.

“CommunityHealth has been very successful in the past several years in expanding our programs and services,” says CommunityHealth Director of Clinical Relations Laura Michalski. “We would not have been able to do that without the continued support from the Schweitzer Fellowship Program.”

Watch the documentary to learn how, in the words of Dr. Caswell Evans, Jr. of the UIC College of Dentistry, “the Schweitzer experience provides an opportunity for students to really understand the interconnectedness of the health professions, and how each complements one another.”

If you have 10 minutes, click below to watch the full video:

If you only have two minutes, click below to watch the trailer:

And if you’re moved and inspired by what you see, click here to donate to The Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program, which is hosted by Health and Medicine Policy Research Group. Thanks to a matching grant from a generous anonymous donor, your gift will be doubled!