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Last summer, The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) and Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO) — two organizations with a rich mutual history born of their dual devotion to service — co-commissioned Albert Schweitzer Portrait, an original orchestral work by Gene Scheer that parallels Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait and sets Schweitzer’s inspiring words to music.

LSO premiered Albert Schweitzer Portrait on May 9 of last year, with former U.S. Surgeon General (and Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism recipient) David Satcher, MD as its narrator. On June 12, LSO will perform Albert Schweitzer Portrait once more as part of a symposium and concert entitled Inspiring Prevention: New Insights to Strengthen the Parent/Child Relationship through Literacy, Music and the Art of Parenting.

This time around, Massachusetts State Representative Daniel E. Bosley will narrate Albert Schweitzer Portrait. In the words of the Mass Cultural Council’s Artsake blog,

Who better than a local statesman for a performance – and an orchestra – equally engaged in serving the community and giving expression to its artists?

Indeed, LSO is no standard orchestra; the Boston-based ensemble is made up of highly trained musicians from the area’s medical community. LSO and ASF’s U.S. Fellows Programs have intertwined roots. In October, 1991, Longwood Symphony Orchestra collaborated with the ASF on a symposium focusing on Schweitzer’s ethic of “reverence for life.” This watershed event simultaneously inspired Longwood Symphony Orchestra’s award-winning Healing Art of MusicProgram and launched the Schweitzer U.S. Fellows Programs, through which approximately 200 graduate students per year follow in Schweitzer’s footsteps by developing and implementing service projects with a direct and lasting impact on community health.

Hope to see you on June 12 for the latest installment of this inspiring partnership!


Click here (and scroll down) for a Harvard Medical School Focus piece on Albert Schweitzer Portrait, and click here for a Bostonist interview about Albert Schweitzer Portrait with ASF President Lachlan Forrow, MD.