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As a news story from Northeastern University reports, newly-selected Boston Schweitzer Fellow Christina Jeffrey aims to gather information about the social determinants of health within public housing neighborhoods, and then design and implement a healthy living program that addresses the main concerns heard directly from residents:

Jeffrey’s work will focus on people living in Northeastern’s neighborhoods. She received a $3,000 stipend to support her work out of the Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury, Mass.—which partners with Northeastern in serving the people from the community, particularly those who live in public housing. Through surveys and focus groups she’ll try to establish the main socioeconomic factors that affect patients’ health.

“Depending on the feedback we receive, we’ll design a program to meet their needs,” said Jeffrey, adding, “We want to make an immediate impact that will improve the living conditions for people in public housing.” She plans to launch a career in youth development or immigrant health-care reform and says that the Schweitzer Fellowship will help her develop the research and leadership skills to make a difference in people’s lives—now and in her future career.

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