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Visit News@DMS — Dartmouth Medical School’s news portal — for a terrific piece on the school’s newly-selected New Hampshire-Vermont Schweitzer Fellows:

Some 120 Dartmouth medical students have done the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) since Joseph F. O’Donnell, M.D., founded the NH-VT program in 1996, program director Rebecca B. Torrey estimates. Each year, about one-third of applicants — from professional schools around the two states — typically are awarded Schweitzer fellowships.

“We try to select the folks who we think have the greatest potential to make a difference,” says O’Donnell, a professor of medicine and of psychiatry, and DMS’s senior advising dean and director of community programs. “One of the initial DMS fellows helped start the Red Logan Dental Clinic. Another started the Mascoma Clinic branch of the Good Neighbor Health Clinic that is thriving — a recipient of a Caring for Community Grant from the Association of American Medical Colleges.”

Read the full piece here, and check out The Dartmouth‘s coverage, too!