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Boston College Law School student Rebecca Zeidel is thinking big. Over the next year, Zeidel – a newly selected Boston Schweitzer Fellow – aims to address issues of mental health care access by partnering with Health Law Advocates to work towards ensuring that health insurance plans for low-income people provide coverage for mental health services equal to that of physical health services.

Harvard School of Public Health students Lisa Peterson and Monica Wang are thinking big, too. These newly selected Boston Schweitzer Fellows aim to address childhood obesity by collaborating with Sociedad Latina to develop a youth-led advocacy project focused on reducing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption.

Zeidel, Peterson, and Wang are just three members of the newly selected class of 2010-11 Boston Schweitzer Fellows. Over the next year, they and 22 other professional school students will conceptualize and carry out service projects that address the health needs of underserved individuals and communities in the Greater Boston area.

We’ll keep you posted as these new Fellows address unmet health needs (and develop into Leaders in Service in the process). In the meantime, you can browse the new Boston Schweitzer Fellows’ projects here — we hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the impact they’re aiming to deliver.

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