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Ask Irina Archipova-Jenkins and Vicash Dindwall what their plans are for the next year, and you’ll get an ambitious answer: these UVM College of Medicine students aim to empower refugees in the Burlington, Vermont area by creating a culturally competent health literacy workshop series that will be incorporated into an existing English Language Acquisition and Adaptation Program at the  Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.

You’ll get a similarly ambitious answer from DJ Bettencourt and Burke Bourne, Pierce Law Center students  who will work to establish a program of restorative justice in New Hampshire aimed at providing crime victims with greater satisfaction with the justice system, and showing criminal offenders the human impact of their actions. (In addition to his law studies, Bettencourt is a New Hampshire State Representative; click here — scroll to page 3 — to read Salem Community Patriot coverage of his selection as a Schweitzer Fellow; click here and scroll down for Nashua Telegraph coverage.)

Archipova-Jenkins, Dindwall, Bettencourt, and Burke are members of the newly selected class of 2010-11 New Hampshire-Vermont (NH-VT) Schweitzer Fellows. Over the next year, they and 22 other professional school students will conceptualize and carry out service projects that address the health needs of underserved individuals and communities throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

We’ll keep you posted as these new Fellows address unmet health needs (and develop into Leaders in Service in the process). In the meantime, you can browse the new NH-VT Schweitzer Fellows’ projects here — we hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the impact they’re aiming to deliver.

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