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Yesterday night, the House of Representatives approved the Senate’s health care overhaul bill, as well as a separate set of amendments.  President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law tomorrow.

In the meantime, ASF Board Member Timothy Johnson, MD (aka ABC News Chief Medical Editor “Dr. Tim”) weighs in on the medical and monetary implications of the bill here.

“We’ll see some very significant changes, even in this first year,” Johnson tells ABC News’ Robin Roberts in the clip. “For example, children can stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26, so for college students, this will cover that gap while they’re looking for a job. Right away, insurance companies will have to cover children with preexisting conditions — it will take a little longer for adults to kick in on that score.  Insurance will cover some preventive care it hasn’t covered before. Significantly, for seniors, it’s going to start closing that infamous ‘donut hole’ for drugs. There will be no drop from coverage when you get sick – the famous ‘rescinding.’ No lifetime caps on coverage will start to kick in during this first year, and there will be something called high-risk pools developed within three months to take care of people — like adults with pre-existing conditions — until that factor becomes operative in later years.”

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