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Our New Hampshire-Vermont Fellows have a long tradition of developing and carrying out Schweitzer service projects that address the nexus between human and environmental health.

Schweitzer Fellow Daniel Abelson’s project — the Renewable Energy Initiative, which we blogged about last fall — fits the bill. And this Thursday, Abelson (along with Schweitzer Fellow Yashekia Simpson, who like Abelson is a Franklin Pierce Law Center student) will hold an event that aims to educate students about what it’s like to work in energy law, and how doing so can benefit the health status of communities and individuals.

The event — which will feature guest speaker Jack Jacobs, founder and Managing Partner of Cleantech Law Partners — will take place this Thursday, March 18 at 5:30 PM in Pierce Law Center’s Room 229. Abelson describes it as “dinner and an introduction to clean technologies that may change your perception of environmental law and patents.”

As Abelson told us back in October, Albert Schweitzer’s environmental legacy has resonated deeply with him. “Albert Schweitzer, part by determination to help sustain the environment and part by necessity, used the resources available to him to construct a hospital for locals in Gabon,” Abelson says. “While my project is not as ambitious as Dr. Schweitzer’s, I do try to keep his determination for environmental conservation in mind by advocating for the use of basic resources, such as solar, wind, and wood, to limit our effect on climate change and advocate for a sustainable planet.”