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A roundup of news stories related to health disparities, health care, health issues, direct service, social justice, animal welfare, environmentalism… basically, all things Schweitzer:

  • A new study finds that “male partners of teenage girls and young women who engage in physical and sexual violence also often try to sabotage the birth control the women are using” — meaning that “reproductive coercion is a factor in unintended pregnancies”(HealthDay News, BusinessWeek, Los Angeles Times)
  • Researchers find that when it comes to quitting smoking, it’s never too late (ABC News)
    • First Lady Michelle Obama pledges to combat childhood obesity, noting that, “Right now, nearly one-third of children in America are overweight or obese — one in three. And one-third of all children today will eventually suffer from diabetes — in the African-American and Latino communities, it goes up to almost half.” (ABC News)