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ASF President Lachlan Forrow in front of a portrait of Albert Schweitzer that hangs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. (Courtesy BIDMC)

When it comes to Albert Schweitzer and animals, most people think of Schweitzer’s iconic pelican, Parcival (or the hippos that prompted Schweitzer’s experience of Reverence for Life). But today, another animal — the tiger — shares the Schweitzer spotlight.

For his work leading ASF, 1982 Lambarene Fellow and ASF President Dr. Lachlan Forrow has been named “Tiger of the Week” by Princeton Alumni Weekly (he’s a 1978 graduate of the university):

“Schweitzer started his hospital in Lambaréné, but he said that everyone has his or her own Lambaréné,” Forrow said. “When they find it, it’s very fulfilling. … We’re trying to help people find their Lambaréné.”

The medical, nursing, and public-health students who apply for Schweitzer Fellowships don’t necessarily know much about the program’s namesake, but Schweitzer’s ideals of service and reverence for life resonate with them, according to Forrow. Fellows spend at least 200 hours in challenging service projects while juggling full workloads at school. Managing such an ambitious schedule, Forrow said, teaches the fellows that it is possible to continue this type of service throughout their professional lives.

Read the full feature here.  Congrats, Dr. Forrow!