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ASF President Dr. Lachlan Forrow (pictured at last month's Schweitzer Fellows for Life Conference) will deliver a keynote address on medicine, healing, and social service at Pri-Med East.

In addition to being a Schweitzer Fellow for Life, ASF’s President, Lachlan Forrow, MD, is Director of Ethics and Palliative Care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Over the past several months, he has served as leading CME provider Pri-Med‘s online expert on matters of ethics and professional responsibility (click here to read his answers to clinicians’ questions about everything from conscientious objection to  end of life decisions).  And on Saturday, Nov. 14, he — and three other Schweitzer Fellows for Life — will take the stage at  Pri-Med East to deliver a keynote address entitled “Medicine, Healing, and Service: How We Can All Make a Difference in the Social Sector.”

As we’ve written in previous blog posts, providing primary care is hard (and made even harder by a health care system that deincentivizes the primary care track). In the face of systemic barriers and daily frustrations, remembering why you likely entered medicine in the first place — to heal, to serve, to make a difference — is often difficult. In his talk on the 14th, Dr. Forrow (backed by the powerful examples of Schweitzer Fellows for Life Ashley Younger, NP;  Rushika Fernandopulle, MD, MPP; and Zirui Song, MD) will attempt to help attendees find renewal, reuniting medicine, healing, and service in their daily work.

He’ll do so by emphasizing a powerful idea: the idea that every single clinician in attendance can make a difference by, in Albert Schweitzer’s words, “finding their own Lambarene” – ie, doing what they love most and are best at, and applying that skill in a way that is of service to our fellow human beings and our world.

Forrow will shine a spotlight on the instructive experiences of Younger, Fernandopulle, and Song; conference attendees will have the chance to interact with Forrow and the three other Fellows for Life at a Meet & Greet directly following the keynote.

If you’re a Boston-area clinician who is planning on attending Pri-Med East, we hope you’ll stop by and introduce yourself. And even more importantly, we hope you’ll emerge re-energized about the profession you’ve chosen, and confident in your own power to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Dr. Forrow — and three Baltimore Fellows for Life — will also be delivering a keynote on medicine, healing, and service on Dec. 4 at Pri-Med Mid-Atlantic.