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Starting now (9:30 a.m. ET), we’ll post one Whatever It Takes-related discussion question each hour (for a total of six discussion questions) to Beyond Boulders.

Please leave your feedback in the Comment section for each discussion post — the first ten relevant commenters will win a copy of Animals, Nature, and Albert Schweitzer by Ann Cottrell Free! (Commenters who won a copy of Whatever It Takes in our first contest are not eligible.)

Discussion Question 1:

Geoffrey Canada’s original Harlem Children’s Zone plan called for his staff to work closely with the principals of Harlem’s local public schools, providing them with supplemental services (ex. computer labs, reading programs, tutoring staff). Such partnership worked well in some cases, but in others was problematic – principals resisted the help, kicked out tutors, etc. Why do you think Canada encountered this resistance? Have you encountered similar resistance while seeking to implement programs? How did you address this resistance?