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It’s Blog Action Day, an annual event sponsored by Change.org in which thousands of bloggers around the world post about the same issue on the same day. The goal? To ignite discussion about an issue of global importance and relevance.

As we wrote in our post announcing Beyond Boulders’ participation in Blog Action Day, promoting discussion about this year’s theme, climate change, is very much in line with Albert Schweitzer’s environmental legacy. And across the U.S., Schweitzer Fellows across the U.S. are carrying on that legacy through service projects that address climate change and other urgent issues related to our planet’s health.

So throughout the day today, we’ll post interviews with six of those Fellows. Each of them will talk about the innovative work they’ve done to promote environmental health and awareness—and will share his/her unique perspective on what each of us can do to combat climate change.

Our first installment — with Bay Area Schweitzer Fellow Thomas Azwell — is up next.