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On October 15, Beyond Boulders will be participating in Change.org’s Blog Action Day, an annual event during which thousands of bloggers around the world post about the same issue on the same day. The goal? To ignite discussion about an issue of global importance and relevance.

Promoting discussion about this year’s theme, climate change, is very much in line with Albert Schweitzer’s legacy of reverence for all life (not just human life, not just animal life, but the life of nature as well). As Rachel Carson’s dedication to Schweitzer at the beginning of Silent Spring illustrated, Schweitzer was ahead of his time when it came to environmentalism and the idea that our health is linked to the health of our planet.

The Fellows working with underserved communities in Schweitzer’s name are no slouches, either — check back on October 15 to read more about Schweitzer and environmentalism, and about how Schweitzer Fellows across the U.S. are addressing climate change and other urgent issues related to our planet’s health.