Today’s roundup of news stories related to health disparities, health care, health issues, direct service, social justice, animal welfare, environmentalism… basically, all things Schweitzer:

  • New study finds that African Americans getting equal health treatment are still more likely to die from some cancers, and “offers provocative evidence that biological factors play a role in at least some racial disparities” (Washington Post)
  • VP Joe Biden announces a White House deal with hospitals “to help pay for President Barack Obama’s overhaul of health care” (Associated Press, YouTube)
  • All Things Considered reports on the increasing number of middle-class Americans who have lost their health insurance and turned to community health clinics (NPR)
  • Megan McArdle argues that Medicare’s administrative cost savings are “mythical” (The Atlantic)
  • Tara Parker Pope writes about “dogs who sniff out cancer and health problems associated with diabetes” (The New York Times)
  • US, Russia pledge cooperation on certain public health issues (ModernHealthcare.com)
  • Baltimore Sun columnist calls climate change “the ultimate public health issue” (Baltimore Sun)
  • FDA decrees that painkillers containing propoxyphene must have a boxed warning on their labels (US News & World Report)