Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CEO, ASF Board member, and blogger extraordinaire Paul Levy has an interesting post this morning about #charitytuesday on Twitter. 

Levy links to an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that explains #charitytuesday, and notes:

In Twitter’s list of the most popular topics on the site, #charitytuesday ranked No. 2 this morning.

That Twitterers are apparently eager to use the microblog aggregator to discuss and promote their causes of choice flies in the face of a study released last month that, in Gawker‘s words, “proves the obvious: Twitter users are evil and wrong.”

The study, initiated by the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC College, found that “rapid-fire media” — like Twitter — may confuse users’ moral compass:

“If things are happening too fast, you may not ever fully experience emotions about other people’s psychological states and that would have implications for your morality,” [study author] Immordino-Yang said.

ASF isn’t on Twitter (yet…), but I have a personal Twitter account, and I’m skeptical of the idea that tuning in to other people’s tweets is eroding my morality. Most people I know use Twitter the way I do — fairly infrequently — and follow people and organizations that tweet about matters of interest to them.

If someone has a preexisting interest in, say, nonprofits working to reduce health inequalities, Twitter is a great way to keep up with what organizations in that realm are doing — and to draw your followers’ attention to those organizations.

And for every banal Ashton Kutcher tweet, there’s a counterbalancing entry from the likes of Hugh Jackman — who last month tweeted, “I will donate 100K to one individual’s favorite non profit organization. Of course,you must convince me why by using 140 characters or less.”

Needless to say, I tweeted back, “Albert Schweitzer Fellowship-transforms idealism into action, eliminating health inequalities in underserved communities.” Still waiting to see who gets the $100,000 — maybe Jackman will make the announcement today, it being #charitytuesday and all…